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  • Mesin farmasi
  • Mesin farmasi
    Sebagai anggota Asosiasi Cina untuk farmasi peralatan, Feihong Machinery Co, Ltd telah terlibat dalam penelitian, pengembangan dan pembuatan mesin farmasi dan mesin Kemasan farmasi selama lebih dari 20 tahun. Jadi kami dapat menyediakan pelanggan dengan berbagai macam mesin farmasi berkualitas tinggi....
  • Cairan mengisi garis
  • Cairan mengisi garis
    Kami mengisi cair baris terutama tentang mengisi dan penyegelan baris untuk berbagai obat dan produk perawatan kesehatan, dan cairan tersebut mencakup sirup, cairan oral, mata tetes, cubilose, produk kesehatan, disinfektan, pulvis, semprotan cairan, cairan injeksi, dan lebih....
  • Garis produksi cairan oral
  • Garis produksi cairan oral
    Sebagai badan yang didirikan pencucian, pengeringan dan mengisi, jalur produksi lisan cair ini dirancang khusus untuk mencuci, pengeringan, mengisi, pembatasan dan penyegelan 10 ml atau 20 ml botol kaca linear dengan mudah tutup buka....
  • GMP lisan cair mengisi garis
  • GMP lisan cair mengisi garis
    Ini cairan oral GMP mengisi garis dirancang khusus untuk cuci, suhu tinggi sterilisasi pengeringan, mengisi dan penyegelan 10 ml-30 ml lisan cair botol. Baris ini sesuai dengan standar GMP, dan sangat cocok untuk mengisi diukur untuk lisan cair botol....
  • Garis produksi sirup
  • Garis produksi sirup
    Garis produksi sirup ini dirancang khusus untuk mencuci, pengeringan, mengisi, penyegelan dan pelabelan 30-500 ml botol cair seperti botol sirup. Dan jalur produksi ini hubungan satu mesin cuci ultrasonik, unscrambler, suhu tinggi terowongan oven, mesin mengisi, penyegelan mesin dan perekat labeler. Mesin-mesin juga dapat digunakan secara mandiri....
  • Krim lini produksi
  • Krim lini produksi
    Garis produksi krim ini dirancang khusus untuk mengisi pembersihan ultrasonik, suhu tinggi sterilisasi pengeringan, pendinginan, dan penyegelan botol dengan sirup, krim, cubilose, dan banyak cairan lain. Mesin dari jalur ini dapat digunakan secara mandiri....

Feihong Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional designer and manufacturer of pharmaceutical machinery, food machinery, and chemical machinery in China. We are a member of China Association for Pharmaceutical Equipment, and we have advanced production facilities and examination equipment. Our products mainly include filling machine, liquid filling machine, powder filling line, filling sealing line, bottle washer, sterilization machine, drying machine, bottle capper, labeling machine, and some auxiliary equipment. All of our products have received the CE certification and strictly conforms to GMP standards, and we can provide customers throughout the world with the best solutions of pharmaceuticals, foods and daily chemicals.

Over the past years, we have provided more than 1000 production lines and individual machines for manufacturers in a wide range of industries. Each year we can produce more than 500 sets of pharmaceutical equipment, food machineries, and chemical machines for our clients all over the world. We have clients and cooperative partners in South America, Russia, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, and many other countries, and those countries are Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico, Ukraine, Belorussia, Kazakstan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Egypt and so forth. Meanwhile, we are also seeking for extensive and long-term cooperation with more and more clients around the world. What is worth mentioning is that our company is located near the port, which can greatly reduce the transportation costs.

Product Advantages:
Our equipment boasts high automation degree and low energy consumption, and we have a wide variety of machineries that can cater for clients’ different demands. We can provide clients with various facilities and solutions of bottle sterilization, drying, conveying, filling, capping, labeling and so on.  Besides, we can design and manufacture machineries in according to specific demands of customers.

1. Pharmaceutical field: we can provide clients with the best solutions of bottle sterilization, drying, conveying, filling, capping, labeling and so on, like oral liquid filling and sealing production line, eye drop filling line, syrup filling and sealing line, spray liquid filling line and powder filling line.
2. Food sector: we supply customers with complete production lines of bottle sterilization, drying, conveying, filling, capping, and labeling. Our foods filling lines are mainly for alcohol, mineral water, drinks, fruit juice, jam, edible oils, and so forth.
3. Chemical production industries: we can offer to clients needed facilities and solutions of bottle sterilization, drying, transporting, filling, capping, and labeling for toothpaste, shampoo, lipstick, hand cream, bath lotion, and more.

Quality Control:
We have our own R&D team, and based on feedbacks from customers, they can improve our machines like filling machine, liquid filling line, powder filler, filling and sealing machine, bottle washer, sterilization machine, drying machine, bottle capper, labeler, and more. All of our components are manufactured by ourselves, and before use, all of them should pass 100% examination, various tests by us, and on-the-spot tests by customers.

1. We provide clients with desired design, quotation and solutions for the entire production lines for pharmaceuticals (like oral liquids, eye drops, syrup, spray liquid and powder medicines), foods (such as alcohol, mineral water, beverages, juice, jam and edible oils), and daily chemicals (like toothpaste, shampoo, lipstick, hand cream and bath lotion). Welcome to consult and make some on-the-field visits!
2. Delivery: single machines take about 1.5 months and whole production lines 2 months.
3. We offer customized services, paid installation, and free operation and personnel training.
4. OEM is available.